Our fleet – Boeing 717

The Blue1 fleet consists of nine B717-200 aircraft. The Boeing 717 is a modern aircraft type, representing the top of the size range among regional jets. It is designed to operate on frequent schedules of short- and middle-range flights. In terms of fuel consumption and environmental aspects, the Boeing 717 is the top of its class, enabling efficient operations for the benefit of our customers.

Designed for regional operations, the Boeing 717 equals larger aircraft in terms of its fuselage size, offering more legroom and comfort with five-abreast seating. Your passengers will appreciate the B717’s luggage stowage capacity, which is equal in volume to that of larger aircraft.

Aircraft details

Number of seats: 115
Seat pitch: 32″ = 81 cm
Aircraft length: 37,8 m
Wingspan: 28,5 m
Maximum cruising speed: 825 km/h
Maximum range: 2800 km
Fuel consumption: 0.030 liters per seat/km

MTOW 53.500 kg
Lower compartment capacity: 7273 kg/ 26,3 m3

The aircraft is PRNAV capable and approved for CAT IIIA approaches.

Cabin interiors

All Blue1 aircraft will soon be refurbished with new bright cabin interiors, including modern leather seats.

Seat map

Boeing 717